Common Sense Gun Regulations That Protect Families and the Public

By: Robin Kniech

I am proud of Denver’s long-standing ban on most assault weapons and my record supporting common sense gun laws. In January 2018, I voted to approve one of the first-ever city bans on bump stocks, and to limit the size of high capacity magazines in the City of Denver. In light of the horrific violence caused by bump stocks and high capacity magazines in Las Vegas last October, we know that limiting access to these extreme weapons can save lives.  

In Denver, women make up a large number of the victims of gun violence. That is why I strongly fought to successfully defeat loophole amendments that would have allowed owners to keep bump stocks or high capacity magazines in their home.  In Colorado in 2016, 66% of domestic violence related homicides utilized a firearm (Source). In Denver, 73% of the homicides that year were the result of a firearm, and almost 20% of those were the result of domestic violence (Source). I will continue to vote yes on common sense gun regulations and other policies that protect families in their homes and the community at large. 

Denver’s ban on most assault weapons dates back to 1989, and it has survived both legal attacks and an attempt by the State of Colorado to limit our local control. Fortunately, in 2013, the state of Colorado passed its own common sense gun regulations, including a limit on magazine capacity to 15 rounds. The law also mandated universal background checks and charged customers for the costs of the checks.

Denver and Colorado laws help to protect public safety, but we know that inconsistent laws across the country put all of us at unnecessary risk. That is why I also support the national youth movement for federal gun regulation and an end to gun violence. I am proud that the movement includes students from Denver Public Schools. We must all agree: Never Again.

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