Denver City Councilwoman Says Her Plan Would End Housing Discrimination

By: The Denver Channel

Denver’s housing market is tough for everyone, but it can be even tougher for people lucky enough to get a voucher from the Denver Housing Authority that could pay for some of their rent. That’s because many landlords refuse to accept rent payments from housing assistance programs like Section 8.

On this weekend’s Politics Unplugged, Denver City Councilwoman Robin Kniech says that’s unacceptable and she has made a proposal that would change the rules.

“Imagine you have an apartment you can afford, but your landlord says you’re paying for this with some disability check income, we don’t accept that,” she told Anne Trujillo. “Or you have voucher that’s going to help you pay for it, I’m sorry I can’t accept it.”

Kniech’s plan would stop what she calls “housing discrimination” by requiring landlords to accept all forms of payment including vouchers. It will be discussed by the Denver City Council later this month.

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This interview originally aired on The Denver Channel on Sunday, July 8th.

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