Passionate About Robin and Women’s Leadership

By: Jordan Fouts, Campaign Manager, Kniech for Council At-Large

My name is Jordan Fouts, and I’m taking a break from my career in community service to run Robin’s re-election campaign. I’m passionate about electing women to public office, and about the contributions Robin has made and can continue to make for Denver.

I’m writing today to introduce myself, but I want to start with an important ask. Robin is taking steps to run a grassroots campaign that will reach all of Denver, by hiring staff like me and getting a voter outreach plan in place. Can you make a year-end contribution today to help fund her campaign?

My motivation to work for Robin and help Denverites goes way back. While witnessing my father experience homelessness due to his battle with addiction, I was imprinted with a desire to help those often considered outcasts. As a little girl I would accompany my grandparents to provide sandwiches for the homeless which instilled in me a desire for our community to help those from all backgrounds.

These values are why I felt an immediate connection to Robin when working on her 2015 re-election campaign. I was instantly captured by her intelligence, passion and authenticity. Having been in politics for many years, I found it notable that she directly tackled the controversial issues employing strategic, collaborative solutions.

As a Denver native I believe this is a pivotal time for our city and for female leadership. We need progressive, courageous women, like Robin, who are willing to do what is best for all of Denver’s constituents, making our city an equitable place to live.

Together, let’s create the Denver we envision. Please make a contribution today so Robin can continue championing the issues that matter to us all. Help us hit the ground running in the new year.

I look forward to meeting you, as we move Forward Together toward Election Day on May 7th.

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