Moving Denver Forward on Climate Change

By: Robin Kniech

I cherish our winters. I especially love that I can see the snow-capped Rockies from our city. 

Sadly, though, our winters are in danger. Last month marked twenty-five straight months with below average snowfall. We already know that the Trump Administration isn’t doing anything to help. While we fight the repeal of protections nationally, we can also take meaningful steps in Denver to reduce our own climate impacts on Colorado’s rivers, mountains and air. You know I don’t ask for donations lightly, but climate change is one of the biggest threats facing us today. Your generous contribution, no matter the size, will help me to continue to fight for environmentally conscious policies in Denver.

I’ve already helped shape and support several big initiatives, like requiring all large buildings in the city to get and publish their energy scores, which resulted in energy efficiency upgrades that reduced greenhouse gasses by 4.5% in the first year. I also co-sponsored the proclamation to support Denver’s commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2030. 

Denver has adopted ambitious goals, but it will take aggressive policy action and investments to implement those visions. That’s why I’m running for re-election for City Council At-Large. 

In 2019, I will advocate to speed up renewable energy upgrades on city-owned buildings by implementing a program that allows the city to pay for improvements over time based on energy savings. I also aim to expand our electric charging infrastructure, paving the way for a faster transition to environmentally-friendly electric vehicles in Denver’s fleet. Just because the federal government has turned its back on climate change doesn’t mean we can’t make a bold impact here in Denver. Visit my website to learn more about my previous work and my plans for the future.

With your support, I know we can move Forward Together.

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