Public Safety for All

By: Robin Kniech The foundation of any successful city is safety— the safety to raise children, work and play, and live good lives. As a member of the City Council’s Safety, Housing and Homelessness Committee, I track the overall low rate of crime the city has enjoyed in recent years, while striving to ensure there are enough men and women to protect … Continued

Gentrification, Displacement and Government

By: Robin Kniech Many of the housing policies and investments passed in recent years can be utilized in ways that help prevent displacement. However, we haven’t often talked about them in this way, and they aren’t yet big enough or broad enough to meet the scale of the challenges. In response to calls from the … Continued

Councilwoman Robin Kniech Fights for a More Inclusive Denver

This article originally appeared in Out Front Magazine on February 5, 2018. By: Alyha Priet “We’re going to count to three and I want you to say the name of a woman who inspired you. We’re going to do it all together. Get her name in your mind. One. Two. Three!” Denver’s At-Large Councilwoman Robin Kniech … Continued

Prioritizing Public Safety Over Immigration Enforcement

By: Robin Kniech The safety of our community and each resident who calls Denver home is of paramount importance. A vital component to local public safety is community trust in our law enforcement and in our government agencies. This is true for both our immigrant and non-immigrant communities. When members of our community are scared … Continued

What Denver Council Member Robin Kniech Learned From Relying on RTD

By: David Sachs What if all public officials walked in the shoes of their constituents who depend on transit? How would influence their thinking on issues like improving bus service or building out better sidewalks? In October, at-large Denver City Council Member Robin Kniech ditched her car and used RTD for a few days to support … Continued

GO Bond and City Funding

By: Robin Kniech Cities like Denver have a variety of methods to pay for the infrastructure, services and programs needed to serve you and run the city. Day-to-day operations, salaries for city employees (like police and parks crews) and routine maintenance of city buildings are all funded through our annual budget. The budget is made … Continued

Moving Forward to End Hate Crimes, Together

By: Robin Kniech I had to rewrite this post after the attack in Orlando. The original began with acknowledgement of The Center’s LGBTQ Pride Celebration, and a recap of the more than 25 years of LGBTQ equality history in our great City. It has been 25 years since Denver’s popular vote to affirm non-discrimination on … Continued

Launching the Public Restrooms Project

By: Robin Kniech People laugh when you talk about bathrooms, and they cringe when you mention the alternatives. As a city council member, you hear from a lot of people about a lot of important issues. Who knew that bathrooms would be one of them and that it would be an issue that unites a … Continued

Before I Was a Mom

This article originally appeared in The Denver Post on May 10, 2012    By: Robin Kniech, Denver City Councilwoman At-Large Typically when my name graces the pages of this paper, it’s for a policy comment from my seat on Denver’s City Council. Or I’m named in political coverage with the description “the first openly gay member of the City … Continued

News From the Campaign:

Moving Denver Forward on Climate Change

Dear Supporters,I cherish our winters. I especially love that I can see the snow-capped Rockies from our city.  Sadly, though, our winters are in danger. Last month marked twenty-five straight months with below average snowfall. We already know that the Trump Administration isn’t doing anything to help. While we fight the repeal of protections nationally, we … Continued

The Personal is Political – Join Us at Saturday’s Womxn’s March

By: Robin Kniech As our foremothers taught us, for women especially, the personal is political. In 2017 I was honored and privileged to speak at the first Women’s March. This year I’m inviting you to join me, Denver’s women and all those who support the fight against all forms of oppression in the 2019 Womxn’s March, … Continued

Passionate About Robin and Women’s Leadership

By: Jordan Fouts, Campaign Manager, Kniech for Council At-Large My name is Jordan Fouts, and I’m taking a break from my career in community service to run Robin’s re-election campaign. I’m passionate about electing women to public office, and about the contributions Robin has made and can continue to make for Denver. I’m writing today … Continued