Data provided by Denver’s Road Home, March 2019

These numbers are inclusive of all of our DRH Contracts for Housing & Supportive Services, the portion of housed outcomes attributed to Denver in the OneHome system, DSOC housed & reunified outcomes, and the DHA Local Preference Program. They do not include housing outcomes outside of the DRH portfolio, such as social impact bonds, OED housing, or DHS programs.

OneHome &
Housed &Reunified through
7/13 – 6/14694420n/a**274
7/14 – 6/15817401n/a**416
Totals thru 20187,5523,3851,7682,399

* DRH tracked outcomes from July to June each year during the 10 year Plan to End Homelessness. This causes a split in the numbers for summer of 2015.

** OneHome started in 2015 and all housed numbers were tracked on the calendar year. OneHome is a regional database, therefore, we calculate the Denver portion of OneHome outcomes to represent 70% of total regional OneHome numbers. Starting in 2018, Denver percent calculated is 65% of total OneHome numbers. This is based on the number of people in the OneHome system who are coming from Denver and who are being housed in Denver.

There is one notable limitation to this total data:

  1. There may be some duplication with two programs claiming a housed outcome for the same household/client (i.e. DSOC client housed through OneHome). We are standing up a new system in 2019 that will resolve this issue. This is another reason behind a more conservative estimate of OneHome outcome numbers.

As noted in the above table, Denver’s Road Home and our partners have increased outcomes to permanent housing for more people year over year since 2011.

This is a result of a few things:

  • Increased investment by the City in evidence-based housing first permanent housing interventions, like Rapid Re-Housing & Diversion
  • Influx of Housing Choice Vouchers available again for Local Preference program starting in 2018 (program had previously been on hold since 2015 due to limited resources)
  • Increased coordination through OneHome which provides a common assessment and placement tool for homeless service providers.

Our analysis shows, through its partnerships & programs, Denver’s Road Home has created safe & supportive pathways out of homelessness and into permanent housing for ~7,552 individuals and families since 2011.

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