It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what “quality of life” means, but we know we have it and that it takes hard work and persistence to maintain it. Transportation and affordable housing have always been top priorities for me, along with some of the less obvious details that make a city livable and enjoyable.

Public Restrooms:

Public restrooms might not seem like a sexy policy issue, but it’s an important quality of life issue for people from all walks of life, from bike and bus commuters to patrons of night life and those without a home. A lack of public restrooms creates sanitation problems and issues for people whose jobs bring them in contact with human waste. The pilot program we started recently with mobile restrooms has been a huge success– allowing visitors, commuters, and others to have access to clean, comfortable restrooms anywhere in the city. A few mobile restrooms will now be permanent. I am proud to say that I was involved in this important quality of life issue.

Marijuana Regulation: 

The marijuana industry has quickly become an important part of our economy, but it was important to ensure a limit on the proliferation of outlets in our city to ensure there are spaces for other businesses neighborhoods need. This is why I worked to craft Denver’s cap on new marijuana locations, and supported higher odor control standards, which together represented sensible marijuana regulations to balance the needs of this voter-approved industry with our neighborhoods. The changes included a formal complaint filing system that is now available to residents.

News From the Campaign:

A Councilmom, Not a Superhero

A Personal Mother’s Day Reflection: Six years ago, I was early in the adventure of elected public service while parenting a preschooler. I wrote the piece, Before I Was a Mom, at the only possible time I had available to write or reflect, 2 a.m. Today, my son is halfway through childhood at 9 years old and I’m … Continued

Robin Kniech Will Run for Re-Election to Denver City Council

This article originally appeared in the Denverite on May 2, 2018.  By: Andrew Kenney Councilwoman At-large Robin Kniech will run for a third term on the Denver City Council in the May 2019 election, she announced today. Kniech is one of two at-large members of the council, meaning she represents the entire city rather than … Continued

Common Sense Gun Regulations That Protect Families and the Public

By: Robin Kniech I am proud of Denver’s long-standing ban on most assault weapons and my record supporting common sense gun laws. In January 2018, I voted to approve one of the first-ever city bans on bump stocks, and to limit the size of high capacity magazines in the City of Denver. In light of the horrific violence caused by bump stocks … Continued