As Denver grows and our quality of life attracts more businesses, we need to invest in transportation choices to move people more efficiently and safely on our existing street network. More transportation choices will help maintain our city’s quality of life. This has been a top priority my entire career, and I’ll continue to be a leading advocate for improving our city’s infrastructure.

In addition to serving on the Board that built our newest transit hub at Denver Union Station, I served for seven years on the Denver Regional Council of Governments that sets the vision and prioritizes the spending of federal dollars for how we move around in the region. Denver and the region share many goals, including expanding the choices commuters have, improving safety of roadways for both drivers and pedestrians, and reducing congestion. We are making progress in putting more resources into meeting our transportation needs, including almost a half billion dollars for transit, paving, and other transportation improvements approved by voters in the 2017 Denver bond. One glimmer of our successful investments in transit is that commuters coming to Denver take public transportation more often than other cities in the US. 

But more improvements are needed to ensure transit is more accessible, affordable and faster in Denver. I participated in the Denver Moves: Transit Plan process to help map out how Denver can achieve these goals, and I enhance my understanding tremendously when I ride the bus in to work, including a “day living on the minimum wage” where I had to get across town with my son on RTD.

I have supported Council-led priorities, processes and amendments to expand funding for sidewalks, and will continue to fight to ensure we have the safe infrastructure we need to walk to transit stops or destinations like schools or work.


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